Monday, April 18, 2011

Just listed...

"For those days when a little ruffle is in order, but lets be honest thats everyday."

I will be listing more of these comfy elastic headbands this week.


BriBedell said...

Ahhhh the cuteness!!!! Seriously I want to be your neighbor :)

Amy said...

Ok girl, I have been soooooo behind in all my blogging reading and I just spent a couple mins catching up and let me say a few things:

1. Your Grandma {rhea?} is AMAZING. My Nannie lived to 94 and I know how you feel. :)
2. I love those headbands, when did you open up another shop?!? I must know more about this, email me!!
3. I LOVE those bubble gum flowers!!!! I think I will give it a try for easter!
4. Your boy post about the doings and such, oh my. I know al those things so well. They seriously have a way of making you feel like you are crazy!
5. and your comment post. Ha. that made me laugh. I so understand nobody comments on mine but seriously can't blame them as I never comment on anyones ha. so understand!!


Jami Nato said...

love these...the cutest. too bad i look matronly in headbands.

stephanie said...

how adorable are those!!! love them.

sarah said...

oh i so want those!!! SO cute!!