Thursday, April 7, 2011

Em+Me+Pink Bike=AWESOME {TOMS winners}

I do not take complaints easily.
I get all shifty, blush, avoid eye contact, and oddly enough put on a british accent {I know weird}.

So when Em and I went on a girl date and had a little photog sess a few months ago,
I was WAY self conscious.
But I made a deal with myself lock all that self conscious mumbo jumbo in the car
and allow myself to be ok with myself.

Do this.
Grab a friend.

Get dolled up.
Go somewhere pretty.

And if you happen to have a pink bike, BRING IT.

And strip yourself of all those stupid insecurities and be in the moment and snap away.
Do it.

Just me, my girlfriend and her camera {oh and my cute pink bike.}

I love this picture.
It makes me laugh because silly us it was the ONLY pic we took together.

Big thanks and shout outs to my home girls Casey and Leonora for
talking me up on their blogs today, makes this little chick-a-doo smile BIG TIME.
{insert shifting, blushing, and that odd british accent}
And thank you all for entering the One Day Without Shoes TOMS giveaway.
The three lucky winners of $50 gcs are....

Email me ladies
You have 48hrs or I pick new winners!


Mandy England said...

I'm doing some serious happy dance moves over here right now... Thanks so much Amy! :] And thanks for supporting such an awesome organization.

Mandy England said...

Btw, so excited about the giveaway that I forgot about the beginning of the post... you and your pink bike are adorable.

Melissa C said...

Love this photo shoot idea. Very cute :)

Michele said...

How exciting! Like Mandy, I'm also having a little happy dance over here too.

Thank you Amy - this is such a great cause.

Megan said...

I love those photos!!! Your pink bike is so pretty!!! xoxo

sarah said...

such cute pics!! :) LOVE the pink bike!!

Jami Nato said...

those pics are sooooo cute!
and damn, i didn't mad at you.

Leonora said...

when were you goign to tell me the following:

-you own a dog (like REALLY?! How dare you with hold this info from me, still waiting of a text mssg pic of pooch)

-you own a pink bike (swoon)

-your friend has thee most fantastic taste in peep toe pumps EVA

and finally

-i expect a stellar photo of you via your photobooth mac app of your obnoxiously sticking your tongue out at me while I'm at work.

luv yew <3

Michelle (michabella) said...

Congrats to the winners!!! Sad I missed the giveaway though!! Love me some TOMS! And CUTE pictures!!! Where were these shot at?? Looks like Winter Park. I love!

Brandie said...

Amy, I love this post!! What a great mental exercise. I feel like so many women struggle with this very same issue. And why?! We are all just so hard on ourselves. Anyway, this was a fabulous idea, and I really enjoyed the photos. I think the last one is my favorite; it's a really cool photo =)

Lindsey said...

Amy-so excited to be a winner! I sent you an email last night! Please let me know if you got it!
Lindsey from

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so adorable! LOVING these pictures in particular. Made me crave a girl date =) x