Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday {Feb 9th}

If I can not laugh at myself, then I can not laugh at others.
- said by me.

{self portrait in the middle of the underbits department @ Target}

Coming at you every week with a little dose of awkwardly funny moments that
make life a little extra special.

- Standing at the check out line with your daughter who is WAY into rhyming and likes to
take the WHOLE alphabet to rhyme words.
And picks a word that you just know is going down a wrong path.
Oh, say for instance "duck".
Just call her Bugnizzle.

- Thinking you are still young enough to shop at Forever 21, until the sales"girl" asks
"Can I help you MA'AM?"
Ouch, that one hurt.
But getting carded two days later, booyah.
What do you think of them apples sales"girl"?!!

- Having to use the public restroom {small stall mind you} with both your kids in tow
to take care of your monthly biznaz.
Then turning the stroller to face the wall and telling you 4 yr old "look away."
But why Mommy? Oh geez, really right now with this conversation?

Hope you enjoyed my moments.
Got any of your own?

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angie said...

Oh I know the monthly one all to well - yeah! (shudder).

christina said...

aww yes, last week my littlest baby and i spent the night in the ER...croup. nothing could calm her down and allow her to breath but being latched onto this momma...while the male doctor was holding the nebulizer treatments to her AWKWARD! after 6 hours of treatments we finally got to go home. on our way out of the ER the doctor said he would be there again tonight if we needed to come back for more AWKWARD x 2!!

laurel bud said...

So funny, I tittered to all of them, probably because ALL of them I identified with.

Very good!

Jami Nato said...

oh man, you take your kids in the stall with you? i guess i'd rather risk a kidnapping...

Craft That Party said...

these made me laugh out loud. esp the stall. i'm totally with you on that one. my 4 yr old son asked very loudly why there was so much hair. eek. never again.