Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday {Feb 16th}

Coming at you every week with a little dose of awkwardly funny moments that
make life a little extra special.

Laugh at me it's ok, actually its encouraged.
{someone should take my phone away after the second glass of wine}

- Standing in line at the grocery check out and staring at the lady in front of you unload
20 or so packs of Activia yogurt.
Then your 5 year old mind takes over and you start a internal giggle.
"WOW thats a lot of poop yogurt!"
When you finally get your eyes unglued and look up, you see her
looking at you and you realize you have a HUGE smirk on your face.

- The other day when I thought I was super cute in a pair of shorts,
Buggie asks "Oh, Mommy what happened to your legs?"
Me "What do you mean Bug?"
Buggie "You have bruises on them."
Me "Really?"
After a check in the mirror.
"Bug those are not bruises. That would be shadows from the fat dimples on my legs."
I am what you call skinny fat, never heard of it, its for real.
Pure bone and fat.

- Walking through Ikea and seeing a Dad pushing his little boy around a cart,
clearly there by himself.
Oh how sweet.
Then you take a closer look, what's that in the little boys hand.
Is that a tampon?!
Holy crap, he is putting it in his mouth.
"Um sir your son is eating something."
No response.
A little louder.
"Um Sir, Your Son Is Eating Something."
Then the guys looks down, "OH!"
He begins to blush, "Thank you, he must of, um, grabbed it out of, um, the diaper bag."
Then standing there with a soggy pon in his hand, he could not figure out
how to get out of there fast enough.
I laughed, not a him, but how awkwardly cute it was.

Anything good happen to you lately, that gave you a good chuckle?!


Kate said...

Literally cracking up, laughing out loud, trying not to wake up my 'sleeping beauties'! At first I was thinking, hey maybe that dad is on to something, chewing on a tampon would really help with the drool factor! But then I read on and felt bad for him and his embarrassment. I think mom's handle moments like that with much more ease. Love your blog, have a great day!

christina said...

oh that last one is great! i made some cookies this week once all the kids were napping. i sat down to eat a few and realized i had no milk, oh man! so i comb the fridge looking for something else and then i see it milk...but its in the kids sippy cups. dont judge! so yes, i sat there eating my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and drinking cold milk from my sons sippy cup (cover off). then i hear, momma why are you drinking from my sippy cup? hmm, awkward...hey hun, want a cookie? Takes his sippy cup from me and shakes it...but momma, there is no milk left, you drank it all... so how about some hot cocoa?

Melissa said...

Wow Amy! This made me laugh pretty darn hard. You can't make this shit up! I have nothing that even comes close to the stories, but I sure will be on the lookout :-)

Jami Nato said...

blaaahahahaha...good schtuff.

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

I need to become a reader of your blog.
Okay so I am now.
Good lawd I need laughs like this daily.

Karri said...

Funny funny stuff. Oh, and I am skinny fat, too!