Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainbow butt.

No joke the day this kid turned one, I think he
thinks he is in the X-Games.
The very morning of his birthday I found him on top of the little
picnic table.
So lately to avoid any traumatic headers, playing outside seems a safe bet.

Not only will I have one of each {girl and boy} but a righty {above} and a lefty.

"Oh Mommy Brudder has a rainbow on his bum."

****TRUTH TIME****
Ever been asked SO many stinkin questions from your kid, that you just ignore them
You know the "Excuse me." and then a quick subject change.
Which in turns brings on another interrogation from the mini
Russian spy perched in her carseat looking out the back window.

Last night went upstairs at 9, to creep into my cozy bed and watch some
mindless TV.
Just when I opened my bedroom door, I see it, the MASSIVE pile of
clean clothes. Waiting to be folded.
Without hesitation, I scooped that pile up
and marched it right back into the dyer.
You with me.
Anyone?! Bueller, Bueller?!


mark rodriguez said...

i like to play question volleyball with Miki

daughter: "daddy (insert question here)"
me: "go ask your mother"

and then wait for the return volley

daughter: "mommy said to ask you"
me: "well that's a question for mommy, go ask her"

...and the game continues

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

I have been known to re-fluff a load of clothes!!!!!!!!

the tichenor family said...

Oh I am loving this post... yes, yes, and YES! My little C is quite the question asker, and when I get tired of answering and start replying with "mmhmm," and "yeah" just to appease him... he'll say "MOM, TALK TO ME!" He wants real answers, oy!!

And, oh sister have I ever washed, dried, and re-washed and dried a load of laundry or ten?!! A mama's gotta stay sane.