Friday, July 16, 2010

Please and Thank You.

{mini photo shoot I did with Buggie yesterday in her new Evy's Tree Mini Simple Hoodie, to see more check out Evy's Tree Facebook page}

I have had a hard time lately.
Where has all the politeness gone?

When I was a wee little one, I can remember my Mom telling me anytime I went to a friends house "Amy please remember your Please and Thank Yous. And your Yes Ma'am and Yes Sirs."
Of course I have continued that with Buggie {and eventually Bean}.

My BIGGEST pet peeve is when I hear "What?" "Huh?", it is "Excuse me?"
And it AMAZES me when I see the looks on other Mommies faces when my little girl comes up to me and says "Excuse me Mommy." when I am in a conversation with someone. Why is that AMAZING?! That should be natural for EVERYONE {even a 4 year old}.

I will say I sit in shock when I see a child say "Mom I want a drink." And that Mommy pops up like it is the most natural thing they have ever done and run off to get a drink!!!
Where is the PLEASE?!
Then the icing on rudeness cupcake is that there is NO "Thank you" when it is delivered.

I guess this another thing that seems to be fading out in America.

So now I say Thank you for listening to me vent a little this morning.
And Please have a wonderful day!



Karla@TheClassyWoman said...

I love this post because I'm passionate about bringing manners, politeness, and etiquette back in a time where it seems like many have forgotten them. While I don't have any children yet, I wrote this post last week which includes a great book for kids (my first book on manners as a child).

Parents have to be the role models and not accept rude behavior or worse, cater to it. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job teaching your kiddos and are part of a minority group of mommies that still teach manners.


Rhiannon said...

I applaud you for teaching your children right. I myself have to not only teach my child, but Im constantly tring to train my husband as well.

Rhiannon said...

i also have to say thanks to karla @ the classy woman! great post and i remember that book as a child toO!

heather said...

"Mom I want a drink!" is a huge pet peeve around here. One for the rudeness and two because we don't believe in demands. We ask our children to "try a different way" when that happens and always get weird looks when they respond "Can I have a drink please Mom?" (same looks if they get it right the first time, but i fell like the looks are worse if I actually ask my kids to use good manners) ugh!

we also have a no first name policy with our kids when referring adults. that always is weird for others!

the tichenor family said...

amen sister! and... BEAUTIFUL picture of Buggie!!

Simone Howell said...

Girl, I hear ya! And let me tell you, it does not get any better as they get older. I am also adamanat about my kids manners- not only when they are home but more so when they are at someone elses house. My oldest is nine and while having a sleep over a few weeks ago I asked the girls to clean up the mess they had made, my nine year old pulled me aside and said "mom can I just clean it up when my friend leaves, the last time she was here and you asked us to clean up she got mad at me because she didn't think she should have to clean up when she is a guest and I don't want her to get mad again" I was DUMB.FOUNDED. Who is raising this child??? And I know her mom well. I of course made them both clean up while I explained when someone makes a mess-- no matter whose house you are at, they are responsible for cleaning it up. I would be mortified if my daughter ever acted like that!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love the picture of your little one! We struggle with manners sometimes. Our daughter is 4 and can be so very stubburn. That makes it hard but we work on it daily.