Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Valentines Day crafts with a deck of cards.

I love these DIY crafts, not only because the are SUPER easy but they are also SUPER inexpensive!

Hubby and I do not "celebrate" Valentines day for each other.
But these have me thinking a little something would be nice to give him this year!

Anna {In Honor of Design} I think you Hubby is going to LOVE his birthday/Valentines Day card, what a wonderful Wifey!

And as always the Mommas over at Prudent Baby delivered with this one...

Have an inexpensive/easy Valentines Day gift idea please share...
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Anna @ IHOD said...

thanks so much Amy! These are all so cute! I am happy to discover more ways to use a deck of cards. he he:)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!! I LOVE it!

The Little Miss said...

oh my gosh that is REALLY cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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