Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mom's checked out...

{Image via here}

Did I really tell my daughter Mommy was not here today?
Yes, yes I did.

Then did my daughter start calling me Amy?
Yes, yes she did.

Ever want to change your name?
Agh, hearing Mommy for about the thousandth time today was like hearing
nails on a chalkboard to my raw nerve endings.

Not my best day, but another day non the less.
They all can not be perfect, fun, and exciting.
Found myself rereading this post today and just nodding my head, CJane is so right.


Kelly O. said...

I've totally been there...
my mom used to say, if you can't say my name nicely then I can't answer you...
unfortunately I don't think she cared to hear it whether it was said nicely or not ;)

Mande said...

Hey Amy, how are you? I gave you the honest scrap award on my blog. You are always posting the best comments on your blog. Thanks for keeping it real... :)