Monday, February 8, 2010

Cookie recipe...

Here is the recipe for these cookies I made yesterday.
Just a note the recipe says it makes 8, but says to scoop 12 cookies out of the batter.
Which as I recall from math class would make 6!
You could easily make 16 scoops to the 8 cookies, cause the pictures I took does not
give the size of these babies justice. They are the size of my hand! Our family spilt one cookie.
Thanks for asking for Angie!

{you should be able to read it larger by clicking on image}


Anonymous said...

YUMMY!! thanks!

Amy said...

Oh I'm trying these- thank you!

Chocolate Cat said...

Thank you so much! After reading your post yesterday I tried to find the recipe online on her site, of course it wasn't there and we can't get her magazine here! I am hapy now!!

meublog said...

clicked on the image but couldn't read it anyway - is there smth wrong? tks paula