Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So many thanks {a winner}

I just wanted to take a second today and thank you.
Sometimes I feel like no one is listening to me, you know in one ear out the other kind of thing.
But I never feel that way when I blog.
Your comments are always taken in slowly and thankfully.

When I ask a question, I never know if it will go unanswered but to my surprise you ladies
care enough and leave me comments of help and encouragement.
And I thank you for that.

Jellybean's cheeks have never been smoother, all thanks to everyones wonderful
suggestions. You all rock!

Also my whole stroller dilemma, AGH! But I was so happy to read "real" accounts from
you guys about what has worked for you. And a special thanks to Angela and her daughter, they really helped! We have made a decision but I am holding off to show you in another post.

And thanks to you guys I have a new Valentines Day Playlist:

'The One' Elton John

‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Frank Sinatra

‘I'll Be’ {no artist given}

‘Set me as a seal' Matt Maher

‘I don't want to miss a thing’ Aerosmith.

‘To know love’ Little Big Town

‘At Last’

‘Baby It's Cold Outside’

‘You're My Best Friend’ Don Williams.

‘Unbelievable’ Craig David

‘By Your Side’ Sade

’How Sweet it is’ James Taylor


‘From this Moment’ Shania Twain.

The winner of a new Valentines Day Shabby Chic Snapclip is:

Moni Rose.


Llama said...

that valentines playlist is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

the credit to our song....unbelievable...goes to Nicole! She found it!!

monirose said...

awesome playlist! I wish I was listening to it now :)

You're so sweet - the Love Me Tender will go perfectly with her little heart top she just got over Christmas !
yes.. already equipped for the day with a cute top. lol: shes far more of a fashionista than her mommy