Friday, January 15, 2010

Check out where my Snowflake Princess Crown has ended up {& a TLF giveaway}

Remember this little cutie?

Well it was made to match this cutie...

Kim from TomKat Studio had made this beyond adorable invite and I was so inspired by it I had to make a crown to match. I just wanted to Thank Kim for featuring my crown in TWO of her posts here and here.
{Kim also let me now that we also may see my crown show up on Half Baked - The Cake Blog!}

If you would like to win a giveaway for True Love Found head over here.
Thanks Melissa!


Love Being A Nonny said...

I LOVE the crown...Love it!!!

Mande said...

Amy, I regret not buying this crown. Completely regret it. The Snowflake Princess crown is one of my favorites. If you decide to make more of these....I would LOVE to buy one. It is truly a special little beauty. I though I would wait until closer to Lane's 2nd Birthday to buy it. I should have bought it when you had the listing up last winter. OK, just has to say I LOVE this crown. Sorry to post on an old link girlie. Your shop will be missed. xoxo