Friday, November 20, 2009

You enter our lives two weeks ago today...

As I reflect over the past two weeks, I feel a lot of emotions and feelings.

I go back to hearing "It's a boy!" from Hubby.
And feel those warm tears running down my face.

I see Buggie coming into the room and seeing her little 
brother for the first time.  And how big my heart felt for the love of my 
little lovies.  And at the same time hurt because I knew
how much Buggie's life was changing.

I remember the ride home squeezed between two car seats in the backseat, thinking how 
grateful I was for my babies.  But for reason was thinking "why" did we do this again?
Was a bad Mom for thinking that?  I have overcome that feeling and realized 
it was very natural.

Those first two nights of Jellybean under the light therapy just watching him thinking 
of how fast these first days were going to go by.  Phew and they sure did.

Going back to the first time I was nursing in front of Buggie and her looking at
me with this curious expression then says "Momma put that away." Then the next day 
laughing so hard I thought I would pee my pants.  Buggie and Hubby were playing in her 
playroom.  Hubby was her baby and he asked her make him some food (referring to her making
something in her play kitchen).  But she decides to pull her shirt over her shoulder and
tells him he needs to eat her boobies! LOL...

Speaking of nursing, the first time I took a shower after being home and the thought of
stepping out of the shower into the cold air, made my knees weak ( I am sure you know what I mean).  Oh how my boobies felt
those first days.

The love we have received from all our friends and family over the past two weeks.
The food has been endless and the gifts tremendous.  Thank you all!

Hearing yesterday at his 2 week check-up that he is "PERFECT",
made me over come with relief.  Even though I had no concerns, it is
always nice to hear!

Jellybean has found his little niche in our family.

(Do you love Jellybean's onesie?  I sure do. It is just one of the
super cute onesies Tab over at Vintage Lucy's sent to welcome
my little man to the world.  She rocks, thanks again Tab!)

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Tiffany said...

OMGoodness girl...that boobie story about Buggies....killing me!! LOVE it!! And jelly bean...can he get any cuter??!!