Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My fav. gift to give & a mini Wednesday giveaway...

Do you have one of those standby gifts, that is your go to in
time of need?

I do.

Wether it be housewarming, wedding, holiday, or birthday you name it
this little beauty is my fall back.

I received my own about 5 years ago from my Mom.  After eyeing hers, she
was afraid very afraid it would show up missing.
We call it the sombrero, but over at Napa Style they call it the Cocorico Roaster
Since I received mine they have added a extra cone for larger birds, bummer!
But I have given this a number of times, and it gets rave reviews.
You do not need to be a cook to use it, just purchase a popper chicken stick it on the 
cone and cook.  Pretty darn simple.
Oh and the clean up, easy peasy.  The glaze on it makes it basically a simple wipe.

I was going to use mine this week and take pictures of how I do it, but I have not
been in the cooking mood at all.  Sorry.  
But my favorite way to cook on it, is to take a lemon and thinly slice it.  Then I layer the
lemons up the cone and stick the bird on it.  Gives the chicken a fresh lemon taste.  Then 
throw some veggies around the base and the lemony juice just do their job.

Any who just wanted to share this great gift (and very reasonably priced) during the turkey eating gift giving season.

Now the mini giveaway:
Since I am on vacation mode over at True Love Found, I have some extra Christmas Tree Shabby Chic Snap Clips to giveaway today.

But now tell me, do you have that perfect gift for all occasions? 

Just leave one comment sharing your go to gift, with the holiday season upon us
would love to see other gift giving ideas. And please share links if possible.

I will pick a winner (or maybe more) tomorrow morning, using

Open Nov 4 through midnight Eastern time and US residents only.

Do not forget to enter my current giveaway.


Kelly O. said...

my standby gift is Tupperware

SoBella Creations said...

My go to gift is usually a gift card. But, in a pinch if the gift is for a little girl I send one of my hair accessories. Or for a child I will usually get a sweet outfit from Janie and Jack.

Giveaway will be posted over at my blog.

Stephanie said...

I like to buy unique juice holders. Not those cheap plastic ones that I have five of but nice glass modern holders.

Jacci said...

Yay! Those are so cute! Oh and I meant to tell you last night - Julie's girls looked SO precious in their little fairy halos!

My go to gift is usually monogrammed SOMETHING. There's a place at our mall that will monogram anything for $12.50 on the spot. Awesome for those oh-crap-I-forgot-to-get-her-something occasions. He knows my mom and I personally now :)

monirose said...

oh my gosh -- that roaster looks great: that chicken dinner looks SCRUMPTUOUS!

go-to gift... wine or gift cards to fun restaurants; if I cannot make a dress/baby gift :)

Amy C said...

My go to gift is gift cards. While it might seem impersonal, people love to pick out their own gifts.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

My go to gift are my ornaments. That is actually why I started making them, to give as gifts.

Stephanie C. said...

I love to give the carters sleep sacks with the sleeves for baby gifts! They are the only easy to find sleeve ones and I think they are great for newborns - PJs and a sleep sack in one!

KB said...

I like to give soft blankets with their names embroidered on them...I buy the fleece blankets at walmart...then the embroidering is 6 bucks! So cheap!

Anonymous said...

My go to gift is always bake goods! I love to bake during the holidays and I always incorporate baked goodies with plates or in a nice tin of some sort!!

Anonymous said...

We don't give gifts for Christmas- we get together and cook, eat, be merry.
Less Stress! Now we do by the grandkids/nieces/nephews - toys & shoes. Always gotta have new shoes!

But I do have lots of great items I bring to the table for thanksgiving & christmas.