Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome back to my life sling...

The other day I broke out my old friend the "sling".
It was my first time using it with Jellybean, and he loved it (oh I was so excited).
With Buggie I used the sling everyday, and when I say everyday I mean everyday.
It was my best friend.

I can remember the last time I wore the sling with her.  She was 18 mnths old 
and we were at the airport in South Africa.  I remember she was so snugly but at the same time
very squiggly.   And when we got home she did not want anything to do with it.
I was sad, very sad.

With the arrival of Jellybean means the return of the sling.  I am bummed now that we did not get a picture of him in it for the first time, oh well.

This all is in perfect timing with the adventures in babywearing triathlon.

Stephanie has asked her followers to share their favorite babywearing photos.
I did not have to think twice about which photos I would use.
These are from Buggie's first trip to Disney, it was just the beginning to her love of
everything Disney.

(This sling is one of my favorites for HOT Florida days.  It is a water resistance mesh material, used it a lot in the pool.
This is one of three slings I have from Slinglings.  Not sure if she still carries it.)

Buggie was so little back at these, she was around 15 mnths old and had just started walking.

I am sure these will not be the last sling photos on my blog, as my love affair has been reignited!


Terrie Regensburger said...

I never had a sling with Lexi - But I have 3 with BLAKE ! I love them ! Life with 2 kids would be insane without the ablity to wear the baby :)
Plus its awesome mommy baby snuggle time ! I have 2 hotslings and one balboa baby sling- ( its adjustable) Love them :) Cant wait to meet Nolan tomorrow :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh how fun- what a magical place to wear your baby! :) Love to hear that fire is burning!


The Brandenburgs said...

So adorable! I love the pic with the backs of your "ears", might need to lift it at some point! Avery looks soooo little!