Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Letter Tradition.

As we all know cookies are Santa's favorite thing to get at Christmas Eve.
We also leave carrots for the reindeer.
Of course Buggie leaves these items for the "Big" man and his flying friends.

But last year I wanted to start a new tradition to carry on through the years.
So instead of the standard post-it-note thank you, thats what I always got from Santa, I decided
Santa was going to leave a note to Buggie.
This note was going to highlight all the great things she did through the year.
At 2 and 1/2 it was filled with things like sharing and playing nice with her friends.
But this years letter is going to be a lot more in depth, since we had her starting school
and becoming a big sister to talk about.

Since "Santa" is drafting these letters on the computer, I (oops I mean he) plans to compile them over the years into a book.  Something I would hope she will cherish.  Especially when she is older and knows who is really behind the letters.

Jellybeans letter will be fun to do this year also, hum you eat great, poop even better, and sleep the best!

Silly story to share about leaving cookies for Santa.
A woman my Hubby works with was leaving cookies for Santa with her 5 year old.
Her daughter wanted to leave something for Mrs Claus, of course the Mom was all about that.
So she asked her daughter what do you think Mrs. Claus would like.  
Her daughter said "Um I think a glass of wine."
So Santa gets cookies and Mrs Claus gets a glass of wine...LOVE IT!

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Tiffany said...

love it....and LOVE the should suggest that to Bean!

Myra Hough said...

LOVE the Santa letter idea!! I am SO going to steal it ;)!!

Jules said...

hi friend,
for some reason I didn't get your email... I would love to get you on the Project 320 list and send you the top secret info...
can you email me again?