Monday, October 1, 2012

BOOing, snail mail style.

We are HUGE fans in this house of Booing our neighbors.
Its turned into such a fun tradition, that we are have been the family to start it each year.
The other day I was making some fun tissue tassels, and thought I knew a few friends that would find them a fun little halloween treat.  So why not BOO! through snail mail?!  
I put together this little card to include in my package...

For the tassels I used this tutorial, I bought tissue paper at Party City for .99 a package, and with only using a sheet per tassel it was a SUPER cost effect project.  Then I wrapped it up with enough yarn for them to be hung and included some stars for added bling.

Here is what I did with mine...

I excited to see the snail mail BOOing take off and other join in the fun.  Please share if you do send something off, I would love to see it!
Happy Halloween Month.


christina said...

too freaken cute! what a great idea! how are you?

Sara Stoff said...


Marissa said...


Becky Farley said...

We LOVED our BOO!!! Thank you SWEEEET friend!! I was so happy to get it and Eli was completely stoked!! Thank you!!!

Sway said...

I was so excited to see this on Becky's IG - thank you so much for sharing this amazingness with us all! Halloween is nowhere near as big in Oz, so I'm pretty excited to share it round with my fellow Halloween Queens and their kidlets :)
And thanks for the OK to share it the other day - I'll send you the link when its up!
Hugs from Oz!
Shann (aka IG lovers_sway)

Sway said...

Me again :) Just wanted to let you know that I included your pic and link to this awesome Boo post on my Friday Favs post today!
Ps - if theres anything wrong with what I wrote, or if you want it taken down, just let me know, and down it comes! x