Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mom in the Shot {Feb 23 winning at life}

The other day I posted this picture on Instagram and Sophia, one of my mommy friends on there, commented:
"they win at life on a daily basis"

And that got me thinking.
Thinking about the fact that they got into a huge argument right after I took this picture, but that did not matter.
What mattered was the moments before, when they were winning at life.
Making it their own.
Living, breathing, souls of fun.

Yes we are not always so cheery, but the fun out weighs the grumps.
And to me thats what matters most.
That I am giving them the environment of safety to grow, learn, love, and laugh.

We live in a world that can turn serious so quickly.
They are not ready for that.
They need to be kids.
And dance...

And jump for the sky.
Cause it is limitless for them.
They need a childhood, one that will be looked back on with laughter and love.
And I work each and everyday to give that to them.
Yes there will be moments of darkness, but I will always be there to bring them out into the light.

And yes I will embarrass the hell out of them in the process, but I am ok with it...

Laughing is the best medicine and when you can laugh at yourself it is even better.
So here is to winning at life on a daily basis...


shasta said...

Fun pictures...I love the bond between your kids that is so visable in all the pictures! Winning at life...squeezing every last of ounce of fun what we strive to do also! Great post!

Hespyhesp said...

I love these pictures! So great! Sometimes I kinda want to come and live at your house! lol

emily anderson said...

are you wondering why no one is responding to you on that banana phone?

Stephanie said...

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Great photos, great post, and a great reminder!!

Jacci said...

THAT is a seriously long tongue.

I'm assuming you're bugbeansmama on instagram. i've seen your comments on Emily's grams :)

love your shots.

happy embracing.

his little lady said...

what fun pictures!! love this!
xo TJ

Marissa said...

#1: My nails are the same color right now.
#2: The pic of Bean dancing makes my heart beat faster.

sophia said...

aww! thanks love, so glad I could get you to thinking!! you are just the sweetest most wonderful mother I have ever seen and I love that you inspire me to be a better mommy everyday.
love you