Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little Valentines Day recap with a recipe on the side.

Some call Valentines Day "the Hallmark" holiday, and I get it.
But honestly I have fond memories of waking up and finding little chocolates and notes of love from my parents.
So in the ways of always wanting to creating memories my kiddies, we celebrate for them.
Hubs and I not so much.

The aftermath of the v-day loot, honestly not sure what I did before Target $1 bins...

And of course my Bug had to be decked out in hearts.

And then there is this kid...

He is coming more and more out of that baby shell and taking on the role of BOY each and everyday.

Like for instance when I was standing in the kitchen and he decided to chuck Lighting McQueen at his sister and gave her a fat lip last night.

Dude you are lucky you are this cute...

After a day filled with junk I made a yummy heart healthy dinner. I had pinned this recipe for Corn and Quinoa salad and was excited to try it last night. To go along with it I grilled up some lemon chicken.

For the chicken:
- chicken cutlets
- juice from one lemon
- poultry seasoning {I use Adobo}
- shallot {chopped}
- 1 tbsp extra light olive oil

Season the chicken with the poultry seasoning. Then place in a large zip loc bag with all the other ingredients. Seal and then with a jar light pound out chicken, this is something I always do, helps make the chicken tender and juicy. Let marinate for about 30 mins. Then using my grill pan over med high heat I grill for 6 per side. Served with the salad on a bed of spinach, it was DELICIOUS and a healthy dinner for my fam bam.

Hope you Valentines Day was filled with lots of love...


BriBedell said...

I agree, I don't understand all the Valentines Day hate that most people have. I do it for my kids, My one day to say hey mommy may yell and lose her mind. But I love you no matter what! Not that I don't love them everyday!! My hubs always gets me an awesome card & chocolates! This year I even got a ring, that I picked out and ordered on etsy :) lol

Cindy said...

This meal looks YUMMO! I'm gonna try that recipe! Thanks.

Becky Farley said...

:) loooove all her hearts!!
And yea little Nolan is WAY to cute!!