Monday, February 20, 2012

Restyle Therapy {February - Kitchenwares}

About a month or so ago, Sara from Prairie Hen , were doing what we do best, talking and came up with a little idea.
Lets go thrifting once a month, a little date night for us, and then with a theme in mind restyle the items we buy.
But to take it into the blogging world, we thought why not share these themes ahead of time and you can play along with us!

With a little idea of what we wanted to start our first month off with, we headed to one of our local Goodwills. After we bee-lined to the kitchen ware section it was decided thats were our Restyle Therapy would start.

{Look at that cute little baby bump, eep.}

After we picked out our goods, mine equalling a whooping $3, we headed to "our" Starbucks to plan out this little adventure.

Here is the basics "rules" and info:

- Each month we will post our restyled projects, using either thrifted or items we already own to make something new out of them. Of course you can use new items to help finish your project but we ask that the main components be upcycled.

- Make sure your Restyled Therapy project matches with our theme for the month and then come link up with us.
The themes are broad and have A LOT of room for imagination and interruption.
So have fun with them!
- Feb: Intro - Kitchenwares
- Mar: Fabric
- Apr: Item of Clothing
- May: Books
- Jun: Home Decor
- July: Wearable Accessory
- Aug: Kids

- If you are using someone else's work as inspiration, PLEASE cite it in your blog post. We are all about giving credit where credit is due.

- Lastly grab our button for the post and then come and link up with us.
The link up will be open for a week and then we will pick our fav projects for a feature.

For March we went with Kitchenware.
My little project was needed since I had to make something for Buggie to give her teacher for Valentines Day. And since my homegirl Emily, has been so kind to blog about her amazing little cakestands for me to have a tutorial, thats what I went with.

The plate I found was super girly and frilly, perfect for her teacher. The glass candle stick need a little scrub and some purple paint. Also needed for this project some stickers for the personalization part.

But to make the plate a little extra special I decided to add an L for her teachers last initial.
When prepping for the letter, you want to take a sticker and use the outer relief portion, making sure to put down any little interior pieces that make the letter.

And before you paint, just take some painters tape and cover the plate with some news paper.
Spray, let dry, and then peel back.

Then after gorilla gluing the plate to the freshly painted candle stick, my first Restyle Therapy project was complete.

And getting the super sweet note from Buggie's teacher thanking me, was the icing on my the little project.

Head over to Sara's blog to see how she made her first Restyle Therapy project, so so cute.

So will you play with us?
Hope to see you back the March 4th for Restyle Therapy Fabric addition.


Mycharmingcolors said...

I love this idea and I think your cake stand is adorable! Especially now that we are all in the season of birthdays. What a cute idea :-)

Unknown said...

this is brilliant! as an AVID/OBSESSED thrifter, i will definitely be joining in :)