Friday, February 25, 2011

Discovery's Last Mission

Discovery had its last launch yesterday.
There is the view from my backyard. I promise it is A LOT more impressive
in real life, iphone video=no real justice.
Um if you squint and tilt your head just so you MIGHT see the trail.
But hearing Buggies reaction is priceless.
{Pause the music below, so you can hear my high pitched voice, bahaha}

Having lived in FL my whole life I have seen many shuttle launches, but
they still give my MAJOR goosebumps and gets my heart racing.

Buggie recently had a woman come to school from the Kennedy Space Center to
talk about the shuttles.
So when we went back inside she told me "Mommy those things on the side fall off into the ocean. Then they go get them cause they are broken and make new ones."

To infinity and beyond.
God speed Discovery and her crew.

Happy weekend.


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

We loved seeing the trails yesterday too!!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

My aunt was actually there and saw it too. I remember going when I was younger to watch them take off and it was the neatest thing.

Hespyhesp said...

I'm jelly! My MIL went down (we live in Jax) and although I have lived here most of my life, I have never been able to get down there to see it in person! Very cool!

B's Mommy said...

What an amazing memory. Never to be forgotten.