Friday, January 14, 2011

Who said Christmas is the only holiday that should get a tree?

I have been spreading the Valentine's love around my house.
It makes me happy.

This was pretty straight forward.
-spray paint
-tree branches

I sprayed my pot red and branches white.
Add some yarn balls around the bottom.
Hot glued hearts to the branches.

As you are reading this I am headed out for a weekend away to celebrate my MUCH younger cousins bachelorette party. Earlier this week I found myself laying on the couch thinking, man I need to go to bed, I am exhausted. I looked up at the clock to see 8:03 staring back at me. How in the world is this old ass going to be able to hang with the hot little totties I am going to be with?! I am afraid I might end up sleeping in the limo waiting for them or even worst lay down
on some sticky vinyl VIP couch. I am tired just thinking about it.
Oh wait, wait, wait and get this.
I am breaking out like a 12 yr old.
So I will be the pimply chined old fart with the hot twenty year olds.

Happy weekend.
I will be back next week with the full report of mad dancing styles
{and I am totally not kidding I CAN dance. Those hot little totties might be able
to stay out past 7pm without crashing, but they can not bust a move like me!}


emily anderson said...

have FUN! i want to go dancing. booo.
shake your booo-tay for me, mkay?

Room 118 said...

So fun! very crafty you are my friend,
where did you find the doilys?(spell?)
I would love those doilys for card making!

Britt said...


Anonymous said...

what a great idea, friend! you're so fancy!

Jo-Anna@APrettyLife said...

Hi! This is gorgeous too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And for the inspiration from your wreath! It truly is stunning!

Lorie said...

Those little heart shaped leaves....SO CUTE!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

I love this!! So cute and happy : ) I found you on the Weekend Wrap-Up at T&J.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh oh oh! i love this and i LOve the color combo!!!
Stop by tomorrow! i have a Adorable V- day frebbie !!! :D

YVETTE said...

VERY CRAFTY!! The pictures are beautiful.. What do you do in photoshop to make them look like this? My boyfriend just bought me a new camera and I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND PHOTOS. Thanks for your help :)