Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its getting "batty" around here {DIY}

I loved this DIY.
But since I did not have any black pipe cleaners and did not want to go up to the store,
we changed it up a bit
and made SILLY bats!

What you will need:
- coffee filters
- markers {halloweeny colors}
- paint brush
- yarn
- buttons
- googlie eyes
-hot glue

First things first. Color ALL over your coffee filters with markers.

Then take your paint brush and paint water on the filter.

Let it dry.

Fold it in fourths.

Cut a semi circle off the bottom.

Should look like this.

Cut the filter in half.

Cut a triangle in the center of the filter.

Take your yarn and wrap around three fingers, the more you wrap the better. As Jen had done with the spiders, around 2 1/2inch thick. Then lay it parallel to the filter, in the center. Take a long piece of yarn and tie around the yarn and filter as tight as possible. Then cut the loops on the yarn ball. Shape it up by cutting it into a ball.

Lastly add some gogglie eyes to some buttons and hot glue them to the yarn bat.

I think they turned out pretty darn cute. And Buggie loves doing coffee filter art so it was a great DIY for her to help with.

Happy hanging!

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southerninspiration said...

Even though I really don't do much Halloween decorating, those are adorable!


eighteen25 girls said...

those turned out so cute. i LOVE the blue + purple eyes.

jamie @ eighteen25

Unknown said...

those are too cute!!

mamma of 2 said...

We will have to give those a try, thanks :)

. said...

These are adorable!! I love them!

Livin’ The Yeh Life’s said...

Adorable! Thanks for the fun idea.

Lorie said...

Those are so cute! And I love the potential to make them scary or fun!

Thanks for linking them up to Show and Tell Saturday!!

Unknown said...

can bats be sweet? well these are. the colourful coffee filter wings bring me joy! :)

Jen @ said...

Those are such a fun craft!! I shared it on my Tatertots FB page and linked to you!