Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy LOOOONG Weekend

Plans changed.
This little guy is sick.

If you have or had a 10 month old little boy, you will know seeing them lay down
on their own = SICK.

Last night was no fun.
104 temp, up for two hours {1am -3am} to break it.
So my Labor Day week, will be spent getting my baby better.
Lots of hanging out, hugs and chicken noodle soup.

Wishing you all a GREAT weekend.


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I was just thinking about being up with sickness with fall and winter around the corner, not fun. Hope your little guy feels better soon.

Unknown said...

aww hope he is feeling better! mine is trying to get an ear infection i believe. he has been super whinny and pokin his ears. ughhh

penny lane designs said...

Aww that is so pitiful when they just lay there on the floor. :( Owen was just sick too for a week- wishing you guys a quick recovery- I know it's not fun.