Monday, May 5, 2014

Buggie {Jamz Streetwear}

Just had to share some images I took of my little string bean yesterday.
I look at her and sit in awe.
She is turning into such an amazing lady.

She is conquering her fears and putting herself out there by joining cheerleading next year.
This is HUGE for my little shy girl. 

She is such a little force of nature.
Her love is undying.
Her friendships are her world.

Her beauty is undeniable.
Inside and out.

Her imagination is always on.

Her laugh is contagious.
And her sense of humor is natural.

Most of all she is such a joy.

Her amazing hat and shirt are from Jamz.
I am totally smitten with Jamz.
It brings me back to my Punky Brewster days.
The days when neon ruled the word.
Thanks Jamz for the amazing clothes and bringing back my childhood memories to relive through my kids!  

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