Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life recap.

I will save the "hey guys I am alive, blah blah blah" stuff, since its has been said by me over the past year on every random post I have done.
Lets just do a quick life recap.

Since we last spoke,

Beyonce dropped a new secret album.

 Avery had her first run, and ran a 9:49 mile. I cried when she crossed the finish line.

Field Day came and was a jumping success.

My littles did what they do best, got snugly in some Hello sweatshirts.

I downloaded a new app, ha.
It was fun for this one photo, then I was like how many animal head photos do I REALLY want?!

Avery turned into a teenager, but seriously.

Then made us beam with Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance.

Nolan started soccer. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I co- hosted a baby shower.

I jetted to Savannah for a girls trip. I HIGHLY recommended Savannah for a girls trip, it pretty much rules. {shirts from Passive Juice Motel}
 I got a furphew, his name is Murphy. I am smitten.

We celebrated Easter.

Buggie turned 8. Yes you read that right 8. 

I gave up party planning so she could have her blowing party.
I ordered a cake and just showed up. It was pretty amazing and stress free.
She also got custom hand painted Lisa Frank inspired Chucks. They are epic. 
Check out Sink or Swim for more info

 Lastly, I started selling Rodan + Fields, its pretty much the most amazing skin care.  

So its been busy. And not slowing down. Today marks 25 days left of school. Summer is just around the corner and is already packed. 
Oh I turn 35 this month, so there is that to look forward too, ha.

What have you been up to?

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Penny Power said...

Such sweet photos :) Where is your gorgeous green dress from in the baby shower photo?