Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Memory Book DIY

Right now I am hanging with my homegirls for a long girls weekend.
A tradition for these type of trips was started with my StepMomma.
See she is a giver and when she hosts girls weekend, she likes to leave what she calls "pillow prizes", as a type of swag for her peeps.

So for our trip we divided up the nights for each of us to share a little pillow lovin on each other.
I decided to create a little memory book, a place for us to write little notes of love, gut busting memories, and other hootenannies that will surely go down.

What I used to make these little diddies:
- a 5x7 cover printed on card stock {mine was done by my homegurl Leonora from Yellow Heart Art}
- a solid color 5x7 card stock
- 5x7 bifold cards
- paper bag
- embellishments
- twine
- buttons
- hot glue
- scrapbook glue
- sewing machine

 First thing I did was cut the bottom of the brown bag off, then sewed it shut.

Then I took two of the bifold cards and stitched them together up the fold. Creating a little book of four sheets {but do not fold yet!}

Before you fold the booklet, in the center use the scrap paper glue and glue in the paper bag on one of the center papers.

Then flip it over and glue the front cover on.

And before you glue the back on, glue a piece of twine between the sheets.

And for a little extra something I took little circle journal cards and added a few throughout the book.

And to finish it off, I took a button and added a little twine to make the cross to it and hot glued the button {only in the center} to the cover.

To make sure the twine will not fray I just cut out two hearts and glued them to the end.

I can't wait to leave this out and better yet fill them up with the memories we are sure to create!



emily anderson said...

this is really so simple and SO CUTE! i love it.

hope you're having a blast---soak it up!

Unknown said...

So very cute! I love Yellow Heart Art : )

angie said...

LOVE this! Your Instagram pics have me envious! Have fun!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

cutest idea ever! i love this!

Anonymous said...

these are amazing!! When you sew the paper do you just use regular thread and a regular needle??

Mycharmingcolors said...

I love your encouraging heart! This is so cute!!!

Claire Hall said...

They are just adorable Martha, I mean Amy! You are a crafty little lady indeed. Hope you had a fab weekend, your pictures have been making me sick!! Take care xxx

Christa said...

Those are awesome, Amy! There's that lovely Caribbean twine. I really want to try this!