Friday, December 2, 2011

Let us take a look, what's in your pocketbook? {Guest Starring Chelsey from The Paper Mama}

It's that time again.
First friday of month means a lookie into another bloggers bag.
This month the lovely Chelsey from The Paper Mama is gracing us with her presence.
I hate to admit it but I am relatively new follower of Chelsey's, but fell fast for her.
I love her candid look into her life, even the not so fun things like her birth story or her battle with postpartum depression. And her super creative side like her hair posts {girls got some hair to envy} and her shop. She is a momma to a beautiful little almost 2 yr old Rurai.

Seriously how freakin cute is she?

Ok now on to the "bag".

- Love backpack style bags, but never have bought one. Was that a strategic move after having Ruari? What do you look for in a bag?
Yes it was. When I went searching online for my bag.... I was specifically looking for a leather bag that doubles as a purse and a backpack. BUT, I didn't want it too big. I was finding I didn't need the huge diaper bag anymore since Ruari is now a toddler... and, this bag has been lovely! I usually randomly get a new idea about a bag I'd like... then, search EVERYWHERE for it. It must be under $35 (with shipping). If I find it thrift: that's a plus! I just cannot spend much on a purse... I change it so much!

- EEP, your iphone case, WANT. Spill the beans, Momma is in the market for a new case.
I love my case... and, it seems to be pretty darn sturdy. I've dropped my phone about 10 times. ;) It's a Cath Kidston case that I found used on eBay.

- I see you carry lipgloss. What are your fav makeup items to use just on the day to day to feel pretty?
Yeah, I have my lipgloss in there... only because when I DO go out it is the thing I always forget to put on. SO, I have it with me. :) I'm more of a chapstick girl normally. The makeup I love to help me feel pretty: just some mascara. It makes a world of difference when I put on just a little mascara. :)

- You are always posting beautiful images, do you carry your camera all the time? And is it cool enough to have its one digs?
I don't always carry my camera. I'm actually trying to carry it with me less. It does get in the way and I'm trying to BE a part of the moment... instead of the photographer of the moment. :)

- Love the fact that you carry a pair of earrings, how would you describe your style?
Yes, as a mama I always forget to put earrings on! Before I had Ruari I ALWAYS wore earrings. I would feel completely naked without them. These days I barely wear them. So, like my lip gloss, I carry them with me... just in case. I don't really know how to describe my style... I'm usually attracted to 50's ish and anything coral in color. ;)

Thank you so very much Chelsey for playing along with me!

The funny thing about these posts {I know this is only number two} but I feel I could go on and on asking questions. But I know these are busy Mommas so I find myself restraining from going on and on and on and on. But truth is I am a much more into asking people questions about their lives then talking about my boring one, ha.

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Marissa said...

I told you on the Book and I'll tell you again. I LOVE THIS!!!! I got so excited when I saw another one!!! I want you to ask a million questions because I love reading them : ) Maybe that's why we're both so obsessed with BB?