Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It was necessary...

There other day I had had it.
The consistent whining.
Having to ask not once, not twice, not even three times, but more like 5 or 6 times to do something.
The lack of general courtesy and manners had reached it all time high.

Lenny was watching my frustration.
And the next morning we woke up to this hanging over our kitchen table.

Listen I get that the shelf Elf is fun, cute and likes to get into funny things.
But he has a J.O.B.
And that morning he had my back.
Tis the season to dangle the fear of no gifts over your kids head.
No shame.

Happy Wednesday.


Thank you for the prayers for my family.
Please keep them coming, as we need them.
My MIL had surgery on Saturday to remove {a thank God, not cancerous} brain tumor.
But now we are on the long road to recovery.
So the extra prayers are WELCOME and APPRECIATED!


Amelia Marie said...

Absolutely fantastic! You go Mom, I mean "Lenny!" ;) Prayers to your family!! -Amy

Unknown said...

When my kids were little my sister & I used to use each other's phone numbers to "call Santa" - worked like a charm.
When I would hear "Santa - this is Pam" I knew my nephew's were being a little too naughty & were pushing that side of Santa's list!

Nicole said...

...totally been there and it's so frustrating! I'd imagine this caught their attention! ++prayers++

emily anderson said...

can lenny come to my house?