Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can it really be that easy?!

So as much as my Hubby hates to admit it {"Get those leg warmers off my boy!}
baby leggies are essential for a crawling baby.
I had some hesitation in making some for Bean.
Only because I thought there has to be elastic involved, right?!
Man was I wrong.
When I read over this DIY, it took my all of 15 mins to make two pairs!

I used women's knee high socks from Target, $2 a pair people! They are not perfectly sewn but hey they were made by Momma.

Happy sewing!

When sewing mine, they did not fit around the base of my machine, so I had to flip the long part through little over half way through.


Marissa said...

Ummmm these are awesome and I will be copying ASAP.

Melissa (Punkin Threads) said...

Love it! I made these for Melody too, but it was before she was crawling, and more for the cuteness! so easy!

Liz said...

How cute are they! I love leggies, didn't have any for my kids though, never thought of making some!

Amy said...

I LOVE THIS! I've never thought about doing this, but this would be perfect for Evy!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Stormy Seaworthy said...

I have all sorts of baby legs for my son! I love them! I think they are very manly!!

By the way I chose you for one of the lovely bloggers award because I like your blog a lot!

coolkids said...

Just found your blog. This post makes me laugh b/c last year when my son was about 5 months old i got some baby legs for him with robots on them....My husband had a cow!!! Why is my son wearing leg warmers! I think they are super cute. He wasn't crawling so I didn't win the fight. boo.:(