Monday, September 27, 2010

To sud or not to sud

I am little particular when it comes to hair products.
Having curly hair you kind of have to be.
Two things I DO NOT want to happen when using a hair product:
1. No looking like the BP oil spill happened on my head. A lot of the anti frizz serums are heavy in oil, which can cause MAJOR grease head.
2. NEVER I repeat NEVER do I want to resemble I scare crow with hair so crunchy it looks like
dried up hay.

So my hair dresser is aware of my pickiness when it comes to this.
If she has a new product marketed to curls I usually get a little sample to try.
This last visit was no exception.

I was so excited to try this new product which included a new shampoo.
Got in the shower squeezed a little in the hair and started scrubbing.

But something was missing.
Then I looked down at the bottle and there it was "No-Poo Zero Lather Shampoo".
Ok so maybe it is my self diagnosed OCD or the fact that ALL the shampoo I have ever used
has produced those white clouds upon my head but this was just plain WEIRD.
I know it is totally psychological but it left me feeling like I had not washed my hair at all.

Sorry people but I happen to like my sham to have some poo in it.
And yes the 100% sulfate free label is appealing to help the environment, but I can not do it cause it is WEIRD I tell you just plain WEIRD!


Love Being A Nonny said...

I have to ask...Did it work?

Gina said...

I got one like that too and I was not a fan. My hair felt dirty still after washing it twice (which I was hesitant to do with the high price tag!)

Anonymous said...

I know the curly hair situation. I spend twenty minutes each morning trying to control the curls, while my daughter spends thirty straightening hers because she considers her genetically induced curls a curse that I have placed upon her head...literally! No poo, no do. I would think it weird as well. ~Kelly

mamma of 2 said...

I have that shampoo and conditioner too. I have to say I did not see a difference and went back to the very pricey Pureology.

Amy said...

Great post, too funny and I agree 100%!! ha. xoxo