Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The painted house.

So for Christmas last year my parents got Avery a super cool cardboard house.  I had been holding off on putting it together.  But yesterday I thought it was about time it made an appearance.  So with finger paint in hand and her best friend Riley over, we set out to paint her house.  The house is AWESOME.  They purchased hers at Land of Nod, which they no longer carry it, but the house was made by Cardboard Design.  And their website has a lot more to choose from, let me tell you if Jellybean is a boy we are for sure getting the rocket!

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ryanlbv said...

That is awesome!! The pictures are great, I love how they painted the house :) kids just live in the moment, they don't sit and wonder if they are making the perfect choice for paint color they just go for it!! Oh childhood, it rocks!!