Monday, August 4, 2014

Easy GIANT Bubbles

We have been struggling this summer with getting ALL our items checked off #OurSummerFunList.
With 15 days I am feeling the pressure.

Last night we decided to mark make GIANT bubbles off.
I found SOO many recipes, but at 5pm none of them were as simple as soap.

Then I came across this one.  
I used the dawn ultra, which is concentrated, so I used 8 cups of warm water and 1 cup of soap.

And for the wands, we used this DIY.  But when we started we were running into an issue where the twine would not open, we added a few washers to the bottom string to weigh it down.

After our friends on our street saw our bubbles over the fence we moved it out front and had bubble fun with everyone.

 It was much easier then I thought for the kids to get the hang of it. Wind did play a factor, when it started to pick up a bit the kids found it harder to get the bubbles from popping right away. But over all I think this simple recipe was worth not driving around at 5pm on a Sunday to find glycerine.


I have a winner for the Winervention, Lesley from Recipe for Crazy.
Thanks to all those who enter!

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Tylerpants said...

Whoa! Those are some giant bubbles! We will have try that recipe out =)

Lisa L