Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinterest Project Party {Hot Chocolate spoons} and Booing your friends

So it's totally Tuesday and I am posting a Monday post.

I came across these fun chocolate dipped spoons and pinned them to my Halloween board.

And I knew they were what we need to make this year when we "Booed" our friends.
Here is what we used:
- Bag of dark cocoa Wiltons melting chocolate
- Fun stuff to decorate with
- plastic spoons

Melt the chocolate per bag instructions, then dip spoons, and lay on a lined cookie sheet. If you do not have a silpat, put it on your Christmas, birthday, or whatever list you have! It is by far one of my most loved and used kitchen gadgets. But in the meantime you can use wax paper. Then decorate.

Put in the fridge to set for about 30mins.
I took little plastic baggies I had with some The Twinery bakers twine and wrapped them up.

And then taped a bag of Swiss Miss around the end of spoon.

Printed out my Booing instructions...

Boo sign...

Decorated a mason jar with spoons and some candy corn...

Then we BOOED.

I know booing is suppose to be done anonymously but Buggie loves hiding then jumping out yelling "BOO!" and thats how we boo.

So the Booing sheets I have are from last year and I can not find them online anymore,
SOOO here is a link to a few others I found...

Enjoy this time as a family laughing, sharing, and spreading cheer!


Lili said...

we did that last year & it was so much fun!

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG!!! That is soooo fun!!!! Pretty sure my neighbors wouldn't participate though.

Joni said...

we live in a very "scrooge like" neighborhood but am excited to try this when we soon a neighborhood that hopefully has a little more holiday spirit.

Sandy a la Mode said...

haha that is SUCH a cute idea!!