Friday, July 22, 2011

Look Mom I blogged!

I feel very strongly about kids learning to swim.
Swimming is not just about having fun in the pool or at the beach, but in some
unforeseen incidents its about survival.

Buggie is not a swimmer, and at 5 I am mad at myself for not pushing it harder.
She has a BIG fear that has prevented her from taking the swimmies off and taking control.
She starts MORE lessons next week. I am hoping these will be the ones.

But Bean is a whole other story.
We put him ISR, another thing I am mad at myself for not doing with Buggie.
He is just finishing week 5.
Next week he graduates.
I could not be more proud of what my little dude has done over the past 5 weeks.
{excuse my super annoying Momma voice}


christina said...

that is fabulous!! none of my kiddo's know how to swim and i hate it! but having had all 3 in 3 years it has never been safe to venture to the pool by myself. and we would have to drive over an hour for lessons. so sadly we stick to the sprinkler unless daddy is with us at the pool.

i have to tell you i just got my evy's tree sweatshirt and i am smitten! love it!

Sara Stoff said...

holy crap. I am so freakin impressed. I've had an attitude of "lilly doesn't need those! I can teach her to swim." Nope. She needs that. ASAP. Thanks!

Emily Stephens said...

My son has been taking swimming lessons since he was six months old - many people thought I was crazy. Now, just barely 2, he's like a fish out of water!

I'm a new follower and member of the Love & Envelopes group, too!

I look forward to reading more from you!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

deangirlnj said...

I can't wait to get my little guy started. We've had him in the pool 3 times with us in the last week... and he seems like he wants to go go go. Kicking his feet like he knows what to do. I'm gonna get on lessons right away.

Krissi said...

I'm so proud of Nolan. And proud of you too for getting through 5 weeks of ISR! Definitly the best thing ever. We are already planning on when we are going to start this new baby and he has not even been born yet!