Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vacation Week...

I have been lost lately. I feel like I have no center.
Like all my movements are rapid, chaotic and with out completion.
Running myself too thin, I guess.

My house has been neglected.
My kids are whining and clingy, I feel a result of my own lack of focus.
Dinner is an after thought half the time, never was before.
The laundry is piling up.
I have not made one phone call to friend in about two weeks.
I feel anxious and worried.

So I have decided I need to unplug.
Give myself a week off to:







So starting May 28th {the day I am "in" my 30's} I am going to
shut her down. The blog and shop and then come back hopefully a better woman
then I was before.

But before then I do have some fun things lined up for you guys, so look out!


Kelly O. said...

I totally understand. I haven't posted much on my blog since the new year because I'm just not in the swing of things in everyday life never mind blogland.
take the much needed rest--but don't forget about us :)

Unknown said...

oh i hear you! i am in the same boat, 4 fabulous birthday parties in two weeks along with a craft show and a confrence...not to mention my 5 kids. yikes, i am hanging on by a thread. i know i need to unplug as well but it's sooo hard to actually do it!!

good idea, i may just copy you:)

Hallie Marie said...

yes being just a SAHM and now throwing work into the mix and doing all i used to do and still do , i am overwhelmed, i feel like i am spinning, my head could fly off at any moment. i must find a healthy balance, FAST! it's a woman thing and a mom thing, we want to do it all, and when we don't we feel as if we have failed, but affects us deeply when it's about our home, family and our treasured little ones! best of luck to everyone getting back on track!