Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From one Mommy to another...

I have been wanting to do a monthly post and was not sure what to do.  Then over this past weekend it hit me.  Mom to mom advice, a little something that I do that makes my day a little smoother.  And I would hope that you all would add on to this posts with a little something that works for you and your family.  So expect a post at the end of each month with this theme.

This month I wanted to share two little things that make life a little easier.

For those of you with kiddos old enough to drink out of cups know that when you are at restaurants and order a kiddy drink, 99% of the time the straws that come to the table do not bend.  And for me this use to mean A LOT more stains then I wanted to deal with, since Buggie would tip her drinks.

So I started carrying bendy straws in my purse and to make sure they are easy to grab and did not get smooched , I use a .99 cent toothbrush holder to store them!  

Oh BTW not sure how I am going to handle going from my purse to a diaper bag again...

As I am sure all of you can contest to this, when you get a good 10-15 min uninterrupted shower in, it is AMAZING!  For me this also means I can think.  Which usually produces something to  remember that I need to get done.  So instead of forgetting the minute I turn off the shower and hear the first "Mommy!", I put bath crayons in the shower.  Now I can jot down my thoughts, which means the aren't down the drain!

Then when I step out I have a little note pad and pen in my bathroom drawer to take down my shower revolutions.  This makes my scattered brain seem less chaotic.

I hope these little things I do might help you!

Now please share something small or big helps you get through your day! I look forward to sharing...

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Anonymous said...

great ideas! I am stealing the straw soon as Tess starts drinking from them!

Vindiciti said...

Let me just say that the bendy straws in the toothbrush case is brilliant! I am so going to grab one when I'm at the store again!