Monday, August 24, 2009

Houston we have a problem...

I will be the first to admit that housework is not my thing.  Of course I do it out of need but it is not fun at all for me.  I wish I had one of those OCD personalities about it, but I seemed to have missed out on that gene.  

Now I know that my actions have a reflection on my Buggie.  And as she gets older I am recognizing that is not always the best thing.  So this morning when I mentioned to Buggie that we need to pick up today, her response was "Who's coming over?"

Ok so like many others we pick up when people are coming over, but when my 3 yr associates cleaning to company coming maybe that means we should do it in between visits!  I need a good kick in the behind to get the house together.  Oh nesting phase where are you!


Anonymous said...

too are NOT alone! I do the same thing! Lets make a promise if we ever intend to visit each other a call first is a must!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no - you are definitely not alone.
I get the exact same response from my two kids.. In fact, they are more orderly than I and often hear him say 'oh, I like the house of so-and-so - it's so nice and clean'...
But I am creative and our home is always an expression of this, which brings comments from visiting friends. I am clinging to this (with both hands!!).
Lovely blog.

Unknown said...

ha ha! I can relate!