Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Etiquette is not just for the dinning room table.

So it happened.
I knew it would someday but not sure when or what.
But yesterday, I found out someone stole a complete and entire blog post and shared it on their blog.

I was livid.
And sent about twenty texts fuming to friends to vent.
Then went and took a shower.
To cool off and think.
I was livid.

Here is the deal, I know I am not the first blogger that this has happened to or the last unfortunately for that matter.
But it happened to me.
So I am choosing to address it.
No I am NOT going to put this person on blast and call her out, thats not my style and frankly tacky.
I am not even going to share what post it was.
But I will do this,
I will address what I feel is a violation.

Dear "Blogger" who shall go unnamed,

Let me first just say, I get it, I get that my project was cool. Thats why I took all that time to make it, while taking photos, then uploading them, editing them, and writing a post all while taking care of my kids and home. What I do not get is your blatant disregard for me when you stole it and published it on your blog.

Taking someone else's words and images without their permission, then throwing a little teeny tiny "via" {no mention of my blog name at all} at the end does NOT make it right in my book. Great you linked back to me, but this does not make it any better that you took it in the first place.  And I have a feeling that little "via" makes you feel like this was all justified and you righted your wrong,
 sorry not the case.

Maybe if you had extended me the courtesy of a little email, expressing your desire to share MY project , post, and ALL images on your blog, I would have happily signed off on it.  BUT you did not.  So how can not be upset with you?  After a brief look at your blog, its seem you enjoy this type of blogging. And the fact that your header has an image with a istock photo watermark over it, shows you are not below all types of stealing. 

So I leave you with this to think about, the lack of morals that you are showing is one life example I will teach my six year old as something not to do.  Live the life you would want others to view you by, and right now I am viewing you as a thief. 

The actual blogger of that post you stole.

I get it, we get inspired by one another on the internet and with pinterest and tumblr, it has been made that much more excess able. And for some people they feel the internet has not boundaries, and its theirs for the taking.  But its not.  We all love to share our ideas and projects, but I beg of you PLEASE PLEASE give credit where credit is due, and ASK permission when using someone else words.  I know images can be tricky with pinterest involved, but linking back to the original source rather then a repin of a repin, is ALWAYS the nice thing to do.

Ok I have said my peace.
I feel better.

"Be kind whenever possible.  Its always possible."
-Dalai Lama

Now do not get me started on bloggy bullying....


Michelle (michabella) said...

SHUTUP!!!! Ugh. I will never understand why other bloggers steal or copy?! I mean, clearly she just wants to be as amazing as you :)

BriBedell said...

How rude, in the words of Michelle Tanner! I have tried and tried to start and write my own blog. But this is my fear. Someone will steal pictures of my children and use them for whatever :/ I try to keep my life somewhat private due to my husbands work & people I am related too but choose not to speak to knowing more than I would like (long story). Good for you for rising above & not putting this person on blast, it's why I like you and read your blog. You keeps it reall momma!

Unknown said...

WOW! Really?! how horrible!! hopefully they will read this is realize what they have done. You have been very mature about this though by not letting all of us know who she is, I only hope that I can do what you have done if something like this ever happens to myself. Way to go girl!

Sara Stoff said...

NOT ON MY BLOG BITCH!! I had a similar experience yesterday. I will text you asap.

Torrie @ Fox + Hazel said...

Oh my word, I'm so sorry to hear that Amy! Sometimes the internet turns out to do more bad than good, and people just seem to think that it's a free for all on here. I hope they read this post and get a conscience! <3

Twinkling Stars said...

Just downright rude! Nicely dealt with though! Don't sink to her level (although I really want to know who it is!) x

Gina Thomas said...

you are amazing! i appreciate that you spoke up.

Mycharmingcolors said...

Who would do that!?! Do they not have enough ideas of their own to blog about. I am so sorry my friend, its obvious how much time, energy and work goes into making sure your children's birthday parties are something special. I hope this doesn't discourage you from posting future party planning pictures. I love your creativity, its ORIGINAL and its your own.


Rosalind said...

It's not a nice feeling is it?! It has happened to me but by a spammer - who has reposted about 40 of my blog posts including photos of my children - grrrrrrrrrrrr. I took ages filling in the forms for google copyright and they said, quote: "It is unclear to us what the copyright issue is"! *smacks head* Don't let it ruin your weekend x (found you via Ashley Ann)