Monday, August 19, 2013

A week of lunches with Applegate {Day1 Ham & Cheese Hitchhikers}

The day of reckoning is upon us,
the first day of school, bring on the flood of kids wearing backpacks in front of doors on FB.
Its been a CRAZY fast summer.
Blinked, gone.
But looking back we did squeeze a lot in.
So in the scheme of summers, I would call it a success.

But with the first day of school comes the grind of busting out lunches.
Which honestly can become an overwhelming process to make sure I am providing a variety of healthy options that aren't too time consuming.  
So I am UBER excited to team up with Applegate this week to share some lunch ideas.
If you are not familiar with Applegate and their products, its pretty simple for me, they provide a product that I can read the ingredients and know what I am about to feed my family.  But get this, it taste good too!

For Hitchhikers I took some organic black forrest ham and organic white american and rolled them up, usually just two rolls.  Then stick three pretzels in the roll and cut it make little ham and cheese bites.

I paired them with apple slices with almond butter and a hard boiled egg.
And how exciting are these Adam & Eve waters?
Water based with real juice and coconut water.

I purchased those cute little silicone dividers from Bento A Day.  They are a great little way to pick foods from mixing.

And you cannot pack up lunches the first week without a little note of love.
I reached out to Kori from Paper & Pigtails to hook us up with some super fun free notes
 {click here for download of boy and/or girl versions}.
After a quick mention to her about how fun it would be to have little convo starters at the bottom, she came through. Perfect little card to add a note, and let you kids ask their new and old friends some questions to find out more about them.

See you back tomorrow...

Organic Black Forrest Ham and Organic American Cheese Provided By Applegate

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